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Package A - 12 Sessions - $780  ($65 per session)
Package B - 15 Sessions - $900   ($60 per session)
Package C - 20 Sessions - $1100 ($55 per session)
Family Package D - 24 Sessions - $1200 ($50 per session)
Family Package E - 40 Sessions - $1800 ($45 per session)
*Family Packages to be shared by 2-5 individuals in the same household.
Booster/Maintenance Sessions - $40 each 
*These 1/month or bi-monthly sessions may be booked after the completion of a package.

Single Sessions - $75 each

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

This is a question often asked by our clients. Although there is no standard answer - since everyone's central nervous systems is unique and responds in its own way and time - we can offer a few guidelines:

1. The Six Session "Rule" - Most clients report seeing/feeling something shift within the first six sessions. Often it is sooner than that. From after only a few sessions, NeurOptimal® users report feeling lighter, more calm and focussed, better rested, having a more positive outlook, and engaging more effectively with co-workers, family and friends.  These feelings usually last until the next session later in the week. With repeated training sessions, this new centered way of being becomes the new "normal" and clients report being able to bounce back from challenging events quicker and with more ease than ever before.

2. Getting to the "Deep" Stuff  - With technological advancements and the evolution of the non-invasive NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system, we are now finding significant positive results are being reported in less time than when the system first came out.  Some issues are in the "here and now" and generally are the ones you will find changes in first. Others are "deeper" and have been with you longer; we generally find results in these areas take longer for your brain to re-train. It is possible you could be experiencing improvements in areas like your sleep patterns or level of focus in 10 sessions or less. All in all, the more consistently you train your brain, the more the effects will stay with you. In the same manner in which you successfully learn and retain a new language or physical skill (by repetition and consistency), so it is with optimizing your level of brain fitness.

3. Booster Sessions - Booster sessions can tune up and strengthen what your brain has already learned. Just like learning to ride a bike, your brain will never forget what it's learned, though its optimal setting may become a little rusty. Because your brain is living tissue, it can get "thrown off" by stress, pollution, alcohol, chemicals and other harmful effects. Many clients choose to continue brain training on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to maintain their brain fitness for life. Since NeurOptimal® is holistic and non-invasive, you can come back to NeuroFit as often as you like!